Zaryans Business Group

Zaryans Group has travelled a successful long journey. It is in the mid of its fourth decade with an avalanche business growth. It was established in 1986 with a single source Import of veterinary drugs with a single employee doing business in a single market. Thanks to a single-minded determination to provide best products & services. Our founder is no one else but the acting CEO whose leadership and vision continues to inspire our future.

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Vety-Care (Pvt). Ltd.

Zaryans Business Group Commenced Its Journey In The Field Of Poultry Business In 1985. It Started Off As An Importer Cum Distributor, With The Name Of Vety-Care (Pvt.) Ltd. Having The Intentions To Improve Animal Health Care And Poultry Farming Facilities Through Import Of Quality Drugs And Farming Equipment By Introducing Most Efficacious Veterinary Medicine And Vaccines, Providing High Performing Poultry Strains Under Modern Management Conditions. This Distribution Setup Now Proudly Represents The World’s Leading Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers:
1. Bremer Pharma, GMBH
2. MSD Animal Health, The Netherlands.


Quality Poultry Breeders

Quality Poultry Breeders Had Commenced Its Journey In 1986. The Dream Of Young Leadership Was To Become Nation's Finest Protein Production Company. Poultry Farming And Animal Health Care Was The Ultimate Target, Thereafter; Dreams Come True.

During 3.5 Decades, Well Positioned And Talented Leadership Has Achieved State Of The Art Integrated System Of Poultry Grand Parent Farming. Its Splendid Farm Houses And Hatchery Are Situated In The North Punjab, The Plateaus Of Potohar; District Attock And The Capital Territory Of Pakistan.

The Company Has Celebrated Its Anniversary In 2019 With The Pride Of Performance Achieving More Than 40% Market Share In Broiler Meat Production Of Pakistan, Rearing World's Best Broiler Breed – Arbor Acres.

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Leads Pharma (Pvt). Ltd.

Has Developed Innovative Medicines With High Quality And Bearable Costs Resolving The Basic Issue Of Most Countries Located In Asia, Africa & Far East. This Was The Result Of Unrelenting Quest On Modern Technology And Skills Of Its High Profile People. The Unit Is Located In The Capital City Islamabad.


Zaryans Consulting

3 Decades Of Excellence And A Merger With Software Company Has Granted An Intellectual Property To Zaryans Business Group, Emerged Out In The Shape Of A Consulting Company In The Field Of Information Technology.

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La Montana

Enjoy Grand Natural & Panoramic View Of Margalla Hills And Capital City From La Montana Restaurant. La Montana Is Located Just 10 Kilometers From The Heart Of The Capital, Very Adventurous And Lovely Track Up To Pirsohawa. La Montana Has Added Taste To The Natural Grandeur Making The Mountains Most Attractive For Tourist And Peoples. Despite The Luxurious Location, Stunning Natural Beauty, Sweeping Views Of Tempting Margalla And Mouth-Watering Taste At One Place We Have Kept Our Rates Competitive To Offer Our Guest The Best Of Both Worlds.


Supreme Pharma

Had Commenced Its Journey With The Dream To Become Nation's Finest Protein Producing Company. The Company Has Achieved State-Of-The-Art Integrated Poultry Grand Parent Farming Infrastructure With American Joint Ventures. Its Splendid Farm Houses Are Situated In The North Punjab, The Plateaus Of Potohar, District Attock. Well Equipped Eggs Hatching Facility And Feed Manufacturing Units Are Situated In The Suburbs Of Capital Territory Of Islamabad. . The Organization Has Celebrated Its Silver Jubilee With The Pride Of Achieving 40% Market Share In Broiler Meat Production Of Pakistan.

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Delcor Builders

Delcor Builders Is Built On Strong Partnerships, Technical Expertise, Business Acumen And A Proven Ability To Deliver Superior Results. We Continually Invest In The Company And Our Employees, Proactively Innovate To Improve Processes And Results, And Strive To Meet The Highest Standards Of Integrity And Safety In The Workplace. I Hope This Provides You With A Few Reasons To Get To Know Delcor Builders Whether You Are A Potential Customer, A Small Business Partner, Or A Future Employee, We Look Forward To Finding Out How We Can Work Together To Bring Excellence To Life.

Delcor builders offers complete architect and structure designing services. With so many designs to choose from, our clients  are often overwhelmed by choice. Fortunately, our dedicated team members are expert at guiding clients from inspiration to decision-making. Hire us and we'll be building yours in no time.

We have contracted and managed both large and small commercial construction projects in Pakistan including offices,  warehouses, education institutions, poultry sheds, feed mills and factories. Delcor builders can also assist with office fit outs, strategic special planning and quality finishes.


Top Pharma

TopPharma Is Joint Venture Of Vety Care (PVT) Ltd. And Leads Pharma (PVT) Ltd. A Special Dedicated Network Nationwide, Designed To Achieve Super Normal Sales While Creating Immense Demand By Consistent Marketing Strategies And Product Development.

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Committed to team excellence

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