Enterprise Resource Planning

ZedErp is an Integrated Enterprise Resources Planning software with powerful materials requirement planning. Finished good warehousing, human resource management and intuitive financials. This provide a baseline for a variety of businesses and industries to adapt this product.

Enterprises Resource planning Software

CRM customers Relationship management

  • Market segmentation
  • Market data capturing attributes
  • Contact management
  • Sales leads
  • Product surveys
  • Zones/Areas/products Allocations
  • Daily Sales Report capturing
  • Performance indicators
  • Sales and Expense Capturing/analysis

Product Engineering

  • BOM-bill of materials(Components/ Assemblies)
  • Processes identification
  • Labor/ plant Allocation
  • Overheads
  • BOM revisions

Manufacturing recourses planning-MRP

  • Order capturing
  • Materials requirements planning
  • Production planning/master production schedule
  • Reserved materials
  • Procurements
  • Inventory management
  • Raw materials/ components/parts/assemblies
  • Capacity planning
  • Machine/man hours
  • Production activity control
  • Job order costing

Supply and distribution

  • Customer invoicing
  • Good dispatch Activity
  • Imports, Exports and logistics Documentation

Quality Control

  • Production Batch Control and Quality Assurance


  • Accounts Receivables/Accounts Payables
  • General Ledger
  • Management Accounting
  • Management Dashboards and Reports

Fixed assets management

HR management and payroll

Biometric / RFID automated attendance

Zed Biometric Time & Attendance

Employee Attendance / Payroll Accounting in Offices. Factories & Hospitals Students and Teachers Attendance /Payroll in Schools and Universities.


  • Tracking of accruals such as absentism, late coming, Early going, leaves and over time
  • Shift management
  • Holiday Calendar
  • Multi Location and multi department
  • Flexible and powerful reporting capabilities
  • Desktop Application at gate with client server technology
  • Web based centralized system
  • Integration with ZedERP Accounts Payable & GL


  • Reduce the time required to schedule employee
  • Do away with time card preparation collection, filling and storage
  • Eliminate unauthorized hours
  • Eliminate the need to calculate vacation, sick or compensation time accruals
  • Identify and eliminate time abuses (break, meal , buddy punching etc)
  • Be more productive efficient and profitable
  • Restrict unnecessary overtime and other exceptions
  • Assign resources more effectively and reduce the time needed to schedule employees
  • Altogether employee productivity
  • Significantly cut down on payroll processing time integrating with GL loan and advances A/c. and Account payables

Zed Financials/ ZedBusiness

Powerful compact package for small businesses to fulfill their daily transactional data and transform into management reporting regarding Inventory, Sales, Distribution, expenses, payables & Receivables.

General Ledger

  • Balance Sheet Categories
  • Multi level Chart of Account up to unlimited Levels
  • Subsidiary Ledgers Binding with GL
  • Concept of Cost Centers
  • More than 15 Transaction Types
  • Drill down GL upto source transaction
  • Concept of Audit and transaction posting
  • Activity Trial Balance
  • COA Reporting
    • Balance Sheet & Notes to Balance Sheet
    • Profit & Loss Account

Standard Accounting transaction Types

  • Journal Vouching
  • Payment Vouching
  • Receipt Vouching
  • Sales Invoicing (automated)
  • Sales Returns (Automated)
  • Purchase Vouching (Automated)
  • Purchase Returns (automated)
  • Salary Vouching (Automated)

Stocks Management

  • Define Finished Goods Item Catalogue
  • Make Inward Gate Passes / Outward Gate Passes
  • Quality Check
  • Rejections/Approvals
  • GRN – Goods Receipt Note
  • Puchase vouching and posting to GL
  • Sales Return
  • Goods Issuance through Delivery Order
  • Destruction Notes
  • Wastages Notes
  • Stock position and transaction tracking
  • Set reordering levels
  • Lot Nos / Batch Nos

Inventory Purchases

  • Assemble Vendor Rates/Quotes
  • Create POs against Purchase Indents
  • Place Purchase Orders to Suppliers
  • Evaluate Suppliers performance through supplies histories
  • Enter Lead times and shipment dates

Supplies & Distribution

  • Sales Order Creation
  • Approvals
  • Execution
    • OGP, Pick List, Invoice
    • Invoice Forward to Accounts
    • Posting to GL
  • Sales Returns
    • QC Inspection
    • Final Return
    • Forward to Store for stocks update
    • forward to Accounts for vouching & Posting
  • Stocks Adjustments
    • Adjustments
    • Approvals
    • Forward to Store for stocks update
    • Forward to Accounts for vouching & Posting


  • Groups/Departments definition
  • Employee Master Record
    • Bio Data, image, qualifications, experience histories
    • Job placement histories
    • Salary Structure
    • Increments history
  • Payroll
    • Company Scales
    • Leaves & Overtime Policies
    • Holidays Calendar
    • Leave Records
    • Monthly payroll Generation from Accounts Department
    • Integration with Loans/Advances of employees for Salary deductions
    • Pay slips
    • Monthly/yearly Reports
    • Automated Payroll voucher posting in General Ledger

Fixed Asset Management System

A tool for recording,Tagging, keeping & Tracking of Assets


  • Assets Classes
  • Departments
  • Cost Centers
  • Custodians
  • Suppliers
  • Locations


  • Create new Assets, their detailed information, image, set of Depreciation method and allied financial information to calculate depreciation and net Book Value


  • Asset Disposal. Revolution, write-off and transference from one cost center to the other, Auto financial vouching to book transaction into journal and ultimately post to the General Ledger,

Service Log

  • Services and maintenance record is created through this option.

Depreciation Schedule

  • Periodic depreciation schedules are viewed on the basis of cost centers, departments, Asset type etc... And deprecation vouchers are generated

Item Depreciation Calculator

  • This is a runtime Query to view each items periodic Deprecation calculation over years. This option allows to change Query permanents to see different patterns , which does not allow to post results into the journal.

Asset Register

  • Each times financial card to see data wise transaction like acquisition, Addition, transfers, revolution and write-offs.


  • Double entry financial transaction history posted into cost centers, COA and trial.

Cost Group Reporting

  • Cost group and financial ledgers grouping criteria that may or may not be coincident with asset department. These cost groups has direct relation with the chart of Account Codes. Repotting can be drawn from this Query to see what has to be changed into company COA.

Chart of Account

  • Chart of Account has been provided with the system to see actual double entry effect into company GL that may or may not run on this software. This is a kind of the accounting for companies who do not run rest of the accounting on this software created same code into the CDA of this Asset management Module as they keep in their Accounting System and compare them periodically to keep both aligned.

Trial Balance

  • Trial balance is the by-product of embedded GL, a great utility of Quickly compare results of Accounting System and Asset Management Module, if run Parallel

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Restauant POS

Restaurant POS We are proudly restaurant POS hardware with installs bilingual that can be easily configured in Arabic languages. Can be used any sort of services establishment, from dining and tables service restaurant to Quick service (QSRs), pizza delivery and take out establishment.

  • Dine in, takeaway & delivery
  • Manage halls and tables Arrangement
  • Enroll waiters/Servers
  • Place Order at front desk and print in Kitchen
  • Manage Food service through kitchen Order Tickets
  • Create Kitchen Orders Tickets through hand-held devices and directly send to kitchen


  • Uni POS touch screen with Atom Processor- different models and sizes
  • Uni POS cash Drawer
  • Epson Receipt Printers of different models


  • Customizable halls and tables Arrangements
  • Dine IN / Takeaway / Delivery options
  • Definable Multiple Kitchens and smart KOT printing into related kitchens
  • Bilingual interface and printing, customizable in Arabic
  • Multiple POS and cash closing shifts
  • Pictorial menus and categories
  • Order Status with color distinctions
  • Customer Tracking in delivery Mechanism

ZedINN - Hotel Management System

ZedINN - Hotel Management System is a compact package, designed to provide a sophisticated, state of the art web technology, aimed at bringing about total quality in Hospitality management.. Manage all your booking tasks with the best reservation calendar available on the market. Printer-friendly layout, customizable colour coding and easy information display which provides access to all necessary reservation details. At least, no more endless scrolling - just resize calendar to see as many days or rooms as you need. All important hotel management tasks can be accessed quickly from the calendar screen.

  • Reservation calendar
  • Guest Info & Billing Management
  • Panel Companies policy definition
  • Accurate Booking and status enquiry
  • Restaurant Management
  • Kitchen Order ticket
  • Rooms/Property Management
  • Specific rights for every user
  • Inventory, Billing & Accounts
  • Attendance Management
  • HR & Payroll Management
  • Management Dashboard

School Management System

ZedSchool a web based system and can be connected from any where through your web browser using internet. therefore provides an interactive portal for
Teachers , Students , Parents & School Administration in conjuction with School Website.

  • Define Sessions, Classes & Subjects
  • Define Faculty & Assign Classes
  • Define Exams
  • Grade Non Curricular Activity performance
  • Build Kids Assessment Criteria
  • Scholastic Areas
  • Aptitudes / Activities
  • Attitudes
  • Define Terms
  • Grade defined Criteria in each term
  • Report to Parents
  • Teacher, Parent, Administration logins
  • Double Entry Accounting
  • A/c. Receivables
  • A/c. Payables
  • Expenses
  • General Ledger
  • Student Registration & Profiling
  • Define Fee Structures and Associate with Student
  • Class Fee Vouching
  • Student Transaction histories and Aging
  • Define Employees & Suppliers to build Payables
  • Management Dashboards

Poultry Farm & Hatchery Management System

  • Define Farm Houses,Sheds & Pens
  • Define New Flock and Brand Standards
  • Manage Rearing Cycle
  • Brooding
  • Pre Production
  • Production
  • Monitor Daily Activity
  • Medication & Vaccination Schedules
  • Inventory Management
  • Medicines & Vaccines
  • Feed
  • Consumables
  • Dispatch Hatchery
  • Daily Egg Production Record and Eggs Inventory
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Financial Accounting
  • Human Resource Management & Payroll
  • Biometric Employee Attendance
  • Management Dashboard
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